Truck Delivery

Kings of the Road.


Modern truck delivery meets highest requirements.

TTS Teconja TCI Shipping North America Inc. coordinates all processes in order to transport you goods fast and safely on the road. When it comes to loading and unloading we focus on entrepreneurial criteria like capacity and commissioning. Thus you will save time and unnecessary costs. We use reliable logistics and transport strategies and choose high-performance trucks with the appropriate equipment. State of the art data transmission technology provides a premium standard of safety and efficiency.


Professionalism on every meter.

Whether general cargo, bulk material, reefer cargo, frozen goods, container transport, small transport or heavy cargo – we realize your transport project consistently and flexibly. Our “airbag” is our intensive quality management. Due to strict controls we achieve highest standards at all stages of the transporting process. With regard to national and international long-distance traffic we work together with longtime reliable logistics partners. Of course we also can implement short-term deliveries for you, worldwide.

Our expertise lies in combining our customers’ flow of goods and considering specific needs in an anticipatory way. So the amount of empty runs and waiting periods can be minimized significantly. That’s how we gain efficiency on every route.



  • Freight transports
  • Heavy-duty transports
  • Special transports
  • Express transports
  • Refrigerated transports
  • Delivery services